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Emulinovation Landing Page With Customized Marketing Essentials

Get ahead of the crowd in 2020 with this beautiful, compelling, informative, and easy to use Emulin landing page devoted to Valentus PREVAIL EMULIN®. If you are like so many at Valentus you are aware that Emulin will be trending in 2020 and beyond. The Prevail Studio brings you this awesome opportunity to have your own link to Emulinovation, our newest landing page with our FIRST EVER OFFER with a bundle, matching brochures and business cards. It will make sense to get the word out about Emulin and brochures, business cards and a landing page are non-negotiables for a satisfying experience for your prospects. The bundle that is always in fashion and impressive. 

Discover What's Included Below

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Limited Time Offer
Ends January 1, 2020
$100 - The Prevail Studio Website Clients
$150 - Others

Video Greeting By Dr. Joe Ahrens

No on explains Emulin better than Dr. Joseph Ahrens. Your prospects will get a semi-short explanation of Emulin on your landing page. 

Scrolling Buy Now Button

Finding how to buy Emulin will never be an issue because it follows your prospects on the page where ever they are.

No Hassel Ordering

The Order Now button takes prospects directiy to your Valentus ordering portal. No winding road to place an order.

Beauty And Function

Created as a a true landing page, not a website, with one purpose, to inform, educate and offer prospects the Emulin opportunity.

Price Special For Our Website Clients

No monthly fees, one time price.

($20 Maintenance Fee in January 2021)

$100 - Dec. 31, 2019

PubMed Abstract On Site

The PubMed Study is a convincing element to the Emulin story. The Emulinovation landing page included a button directly to it.

Beautiful FAQs PDF On Site

For people with lots of questions or who want to know more, the FAQs Emulinovation branded pdf will have the answers they seek.

Your Brochures On Site

Prospects can view your Emulinovation Product and Testimonial brochures right on your landing page.

Price Special For Non-Website Clients

No monthly fees, one time price.

($20 Maintenance Fee in January 2021)

$150 - Dec. 31, 2019

Your Contact Information

Your prospects will have access to your online business card and the opportunity to email you on your own customized form.

Long Version Explanation by Dr. Joe Ahrens And Possible Leads

Wondering what is on home page? You can use it to share the full version of Dr. Ahrens' audio/video. The home page may also attract some leads that will be distributed to those with Emulinovation landing pages equally.

The Prevail Studio Paid For Hosting And URL Which Means You Don't Have To

Hosting and URL is one of the biggest upfront costs with websites. You will get a subdomain of

Price After December 31, 2019

($20 Maintenance Fee in January 2021)

$37 per month.


EMULIN Brochure Templates

Mailing out light-as-air beautiful brochures is a great way to promote your Emulinovation landing page and reach people where they live ... literally.  Why wait for people to click your link when you can get this important information delivered straight to mailboxes anywhere in the world. We know people will want to read this beautiful brochure when they get it and it contains just enough information to make them want to know more about it.

You will have 2 brochure templates one is a product brochure and the other is a testimonial brochure.

How We Customize

When you get your Emulinovation landing page, The Prevail Studio will create these two brochures for you with your information and how to reach your landing page to order or learn more.

We just need your name, phone number, and email address to complete your brochure templates.

You will receive the front and back tri-fold brochure templates that can be uploaded to Vistaprint and printed. Once you have the templates you can re-order them anytime you want to.

Cost Effective & Practical

Basic letter postage is all it will cost to put both of these brochures in a standard letter size envelope. People tend to read brochures and keep them. They feel great in the hand too.

2 Beautiful, Compelling, Light-As-Air, Emulinovation Customized, Tri-Fold Brochures Ready To Print Anytime You Want To

Get Started
Limited Time Offer
Ends January 1, 2020
$100 - The Prevail Studio Website Clients
$150 - Others